IEEE Zewail City Students Honor Faculty Members with Distinguished Teacher Award

Against its tradition of arranging technical events, IEEE Zewail City Student Branch dedicated its 2015 closing ceremony to present the Disitinguished Teacher Awards to selected faculty members as a gesture to show their gratitude for the the continous suport they receive. During the ceremony, Ahmed Samir, chairman of IEEE Zewail City, explained that the inspiration behind the award is World Teacher’s Day, a globally celebrated day that commemorates educators. He added: “We are planing to make this an annual tradition and honor our esteemed faculty members on October 5 of each year.”

After 11 days of voting, and based on the majority of students’ votes, Dr. Hatem Fayed, associate professor of applied mathematics, was the first winner of the Distinguished Teacher Award. “It’s truly an honor to be selected. The most prestigious award we can have is one that is presented by our students,” said Fayed. He further stressed on the importance of encouraging students’ questions and treating them with respect to keep them engaged in learning.

Although the voting process was designed for students to elect the best professor on campus, many students chose to vote for Ahmed Nagy, biomedical sciences teaching assistant; making him the second recipient of the award.

Moved by the students’ choice, Nagy highlighted that winning this award comes with the responsibility to work even harder to live up to their expectations. He then advised students to never give up on their dreams by saying: “To accomplish great things, you need to be fully dedicated and welcome life challenges.”

At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty, professor of mathematics and information science, and counselor of IEEE Student Branch, thanked the club members for coming up with this initiative. He also praised them for the efforts they exerted all year long in organizing several events and collaborating with different universities.