Meet Zewail City's first youth advisory council

Zewail City of Science and Technology established its first youth advisory council on December 18, 2014. The council is comprised of ten members: five students from the University of Science and Technology and five youth supporters from Zewail City Friends. The council aims to enhance the image of Zewail City and to foster a culture of scientific research.

The council’s first session was held on December 21, 2014 and resulted in two decisions: the council will begin to collaborate with Zewail City Friends' science initiative, which aims at introducing the principles of scientific research across the country, and it will launch a campaign to introduce Zewail City’s role to the broader Egyptian community.

The five council members from the University of Science and Technology are Mahmoud Abdelhay, Ahmed Emad, Toqa Osama, Yasmine Allam and Ahmed Abdelnasser. Zewail City Friends' members are Mohammed Adel, Abdul-Rahman Saad, Mohammed Ahmed Salem, Mahmoud Keshk and Mahmoud Gamil.