Network Security Engineer

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English, Excellent

Arabic, Excellent

Job Experience

  • 2-4 of related experience.

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Full Time



  • Managing root certificate authority network according to security compliance criteria
  • Maintaining internet connectivity necessary for verification procedures 24/7
  • Configuration and administration of network routers and switches.
  • Installation, Configuration, and administration of Web Application Firewalls.
  • Configuration and administration of Root CA firewalls
  • Configures firewalls, Web Gateways, routers, and switches to maximize network efficiency and security.
  • Periodically update and check the health of all security systems, appliances, and applications
  • Configuration, administration, and maintenance of network time (NTP) to provide exact time for both Trust center appliances and TSP service.
  • Logging system configuration, administration, and analysis
  • Monitoring and alerting system configuration and administration to ensure 24/7 system health reporting to assigned engineers
  • Wide Area gateway Services management and alerting
  • Technical support renewal with vendors
  • Implementation, configuration and administration of System Information and Event management appliance
  • Event and security analysis


  • Good knowledge of Network Essentials and Firewalls


  • Strong experience with network fundamentals (DNS, DHCP, LAYER2/3 switching, routing)
  • Strong experience with network firewalls
  • Strong experience with network intrusion prevention system
  • Good experience with a network management system
  • Good experience with logging systems
  • Design, implantation, and administration of Security operation Centers
  • Good knowledge of system information and event management solution (SIEM)
  • Good knowledge of application transport and network infrastructure protocols ( DNS, NTP, HTTP, SNMP)
  • Ability to quickly learn new or unfamiliar technologies and products, independently using documentation and online resources
  • Incident and disaster management and recovery



Car Owner


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BSc degree in Computer Engineering 

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Human Resources

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Please send your updated CV with the job title in the subject otherwise we are sorry to tell you that your application will be disregarded