Prof. Ahmed Zewail Honored Faculty Members with Tenureship Positions

Prof. Ahmed Zewail, Chairman of the Board, awarded tenureship positions to three faculty members for the first time in the history of Zewail City of Science and Technology, on Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

The selected faculty are: Prof. Salah Obayya, Vice Chair for Academic Affairs, Prof. Shaaban Khalil, Director of Center for Fundamental Physics, Dr. Ibrahim El-Sherbiny, Co-director of Center for Materials Science. Each was honored for their excellence in teaching, leadership on campus and significant contributions in their academic disciplines.

Zewail congratulated all awarded faculty, and appraised their efforts and distinguished scientific contributions to the City. Tenure is awarded to faculty members who demonstrate a strong record of published research, teaching, and service to Zewail City.

The obligations and tenure policy document was prepared according to the international standards, and approved by the Board of Directors. Tenure is given to the selected faculty after being evaluated via internal committee, in addition to the recommendation of international references from world-class scientists outside Egypt.