Social Media and Digital Marketing Assistant

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December 31, 2019


English, Excellent

Arabic, Excellent

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Digital Marketing

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Job Level

Experienced (Assistant/Non-Manager)


  • Responsible for Outreach and Engagement’s customer relationship management, including all professional communication with customers via social media channels, emails, and phone, in addition to meeting and assisting the clients.
  • Handling all customer inquiries, providing full information related to Outreach and Engagement’s training programs.
  • Create, develop, and maintain collective database for customers, programs and information related to Outreach and Engagement
  • Handling Outreach and Engagement office tasks, such as development and maintaining the archive system, maintain the inventory and reordering supplies.
  • Plan, attend meetings and take detailed minutes to deliver them to all attendees.
  • Using computers to generate reports, create presentations, and conduct research as required.
  • Assist the team of Outreach and Engagement in executing the training programs.
  • Handling all logistics related to the office of Outreach and Engagement, through communication with the related teams and departments, with planning and execution.


  • A bachelor's degree with 2 years of professional work experience in a related field.
  • Ability to plan, multi-task and manage time effectively.
  • Strong writing and record keeping ability for reports and training data.
  • Good computer skills.
  • At least three (3) years of higher education is preferred. The experience and ability to manage relationships with external partners is also desired.
  • The ideal candidate will have strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills with a customer service orientation. Problem solving, time management, and project management skills are key.
  • Organizational and planning skills with an attention to detail is a must.




3 Years

Salary (L.E.)


Job Contact Person

Dr. Ashraf Badawi, Dean of Outreach & Engagement

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Please send your updated CV with the job title in the subject