Synthesis of a new catalyst for biodiesel production

Dr. Tamer Samir, Professor in the Environmental Engineering Program, published a recent study reporting a new catalyst (magnetized ZIF-8 impregnated with sodium hydroxide) and evaluated its efficiency in the production of biodiesel. The optimized reaction parameters achieved a 70% conversion of the ethanolysis reaction. The properties of the produced biodiesel matched the ASTM ranges while showing a 15% higher Cetane number than the upper range. This study was published in the high-impact "Renewable Energy'' Journal.

Dr. Tamer Samir Ahmed received his B.Sc. from Cairo University in 1999, his M.Sc. from Cairo University in 2001, and his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University - USA in 2007.

Dr. Ahmed has more than 20 years of total academic experience working in national and international universities and research centers, including the Chemical Engineering Department at Cairo University, Kenan Center for the Utilization of Carbon Dioxide in Manufacturing – USA, an NSF Science & Technology Center for Environmentally Responsible Solvents and Processes – USA. Currently, he is a Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Environmental Engineering Program at Zewail City of Science and Technology.

Dr. Ahmed's research interests include waste valorization, applied process simulation and optimization, reaction engineering, and polymers. Dr. Ahmed supervised many MS and Ph.D. students. He is acting as a reviewer for many scientific journals and entities. Dr. Ahmed has extensive professional experience with different industries from micro- to large-sized enterprises in all industrial sectors. He worked as Chief Technical Advisor with different national and international entities such as the Egypt National Cleaner Production Center (ENCPC) – Ministry of Industry – Egypt, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and the African Development Bank (AfDB). He participated in more than 60 cleaner production, resource efficiency, chemicals, and chemical waste management, waste valorization, and environmental assessment studies through more than 16 international projects.