The Selection of the Research Article of Prof. Mohamed Alkordi’s Research Team in the 2022 Popular Advances Collection

A Research Team led by Prof. Mohamed Alkordi, Director of Materials Science Program and Co-Director of the Center for Materials Science, published a paper titled ‘Synergistic compounding of carbon nanotubes and metal-organic frameworks for oxygen-evolving electrocatalysis’ on August 1st,2022 at The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Journal. This paper has been recently selected for inclusion in the 2022 Popular Advances Collection of RSC Materials Advances due to its importance in providing and developing global climate solutions by producing cheap and efficient heterogeneous electro-catalysts for energy storage and conversion technologies. The 2022 Popular Advances collection includes featured and prestigious articles published in RSC Advances in 2022 that were selected by RSC reviewers and handling editors as “Popular”.


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