The Student Organization Council - SOC at Zewail City kicks-off Spring 2021 Campus student activities


Student Organizations have been invited to the assembly which lasted about three consecutive hours. The General Assembly agenda started with a special offer from The Valley of Science and Technology (VST) in which they introduced 20+ free seats in an international leadership program presented by the international leadership coach Josh Miller, in which Miller will train more than 50 emerging leaders with a new hands-on based approach offered for the first time at ZC.

Afterwards, three ZC’s featured alumni from three different majors namely, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, virtually joined the General Assembly from around the globe: USA, France , and UAE. The three alumni who joined are:

1. Eng. Ahmed Samir, Managing Director at Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC)
2. Eng. Mahmoud Radwan, Associate Project Manager at UNESCO
3. Dr. Mustafa Nasr, PhD student at MOFFITT Cancer Center

In this webinar, they presented their experience in the Student Life during their presence at ZC. They highlighted how these experiences affected their goals and objectives and how they passed all obstacles until they reached their current positions. In addition, they opened a heart-to-heart talk which included a Q&A session for all the Student Organizations audience in a panel discussion about their experience and how they approached their undergraduate life.