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o Establish and evaluate practices that foster outstanding educational experiences by developing and implementing training programs. Create the infrastructure to provide seamless student experiences. Demonstrate best practices by modeling strong organization; providing constructive guidance; and problem solving effectively. o Utilize an assortment of communication channels and develop appropriate messages for various audiences. Serve as a liaison between instructors, program partners, colleagues, and other stakeholders. Foster a "student-focused” environment by developing and documenting processes that support seamless communication. o Compile and distribute relevant recurring reports (including schedules, surveys, enrollment reports, etc.) to appropriate stakeholders. o Collaborate with colleagues and contractors to develop and deliver marketing for selected Lifelong Learning programs. Represent Zewail City Lifelong Learning at key campus and community events, recruitment fairs, and other outreach initiatives that will benefit enrollment. Contribute content to the Zewail City Lifelong Learning website, social media channels, and other promotional ventures. o Deploy a wide variety of training methods. o Monitor and evaluate training program's effectiveness, success and ROI periodically and report on them. o Manage training budget. o Resolve any specific problems and tailor training programs as necessary. o Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments and best practices. o Reviews existing training materials produced by third parties to determine appropriateness and relevance. o Oversees training programs that include web-based seminars, printed manuals, group sessions, training videos, and more. o Modifies or creates course materials and training manuals to meet specific training needs. o Schedules training sessions, organizes information 


  •          A Master's degree with at least 10 years of professional work experience in training management.
  •          Track record in designing and executing successful training programs.
  •          Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods (mentoring, coaching, on-the-job or in classroom training, e-learning, workshops, simulations etc) .

Other Skills:

  •          Ability to plan, multi-task and manage time effectively.
  •          Strong writing and record keeping ability for reports and training manuals.
  •          Good computer skills.
  •           At least three  (3) years of higher education is preferred. The experience and ability to manage relationships with external partners is also desired.



Car owner



10-15 Years

Other Skills

The ideal candidate will have strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills with a customer service orientation. Problem solving, time management, and project management skills are key. Organizational and planning skills with an attention to detail is a must.

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