University of Science and Technology organizes EduRubix Camp

The University of Science and Technology is organizing on-campus scientific training for high school students under the supervision of Dr. Ayman El-Shibiny, associate professor of biology, from June 9 to 12.

EduRubix Camp aims to introduce high school students interested in chemistry, physics and biology to the laboratory, giving them the chance to experiment and research.

The camp’s program includes presentations by Dr. Sherif Sedky, founding provost and acting president of Zewail City, Dr. Sameh Ali, director of the Center for Aging and Associated Diseases, Dr. Fareed Aboul-ela, associate professor of physics, along with other professors.

All the camp activities are organized by the biology club under the guidance of El-Shibiny. The last day of the camp is a fun day organized by the biology club at the university and the student union.