University of Science and Technology Students Present Analytical Chemistry Projects

Dr. Mohamed Alkordi during projects presentation.

Dr. Mohamed Alkordi during projects presentation.

As part of the University of Science and Technology’s vision to promote real life application of science, second year students presented their analytical chemistry course projects in a poster session on Sunday, March 29, 2015.

Under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Alkordi, assistant professor of chemistry, the course students were divided into working groups; and each group undertook a research theme. As the main aim of the course’s project was to get students acquainted with the significance that one type of chemical analysis can play in our lives, students’ projects showcased the link between the principles they learned during the course and daily life.

To complete their projects, students visited a number of national research laboratories, national monitoring and quality assurance authorities’ laboratories and private sector laboratories, among many others.

“Having students conduct their research in laboratories outside Zewail City seemed like a great opportunity to let them deal with real world experiences and face the challenges they may encounter during the different stages of their projects,” said Dr. Alkordi.

Basma Yasin, biomedical science major, explained that the idea of this course project was unlike any other. “Visiting these different laboratories provided us with insights to different techniques as well as the challenges we may face when preparing for research after graduation,” added Basma.

Dr. Alkordi commented on the students projects by saying: “I was very pleased, and in many cases surprised, with the performance of many groups who showed persistence and presented great results”.