Zewail City Celebrates the University of Science and Technology First Commencement Ceremony

It was a day that we didn’t want to end.

A day that shall be remembered for as long as we live.
June 27th 2018… 
The Day Zewail City of Science and Technology celebrated The Graduation of its 230 Science and Engineering graduates - classes 2017 and 2018.
Our greatest wish was to have been blessed by the physical presence of our mentor and visionary, Dr. Ahmed Zewail; for his soul is always with us; and he is always remembered in our prayers and gratitude. 
This batch of graduates is the realization of the great scientist's dream, Dr Ahmed Zewail. The ceremony was led by Dr. Sherif Sedky, Zewail City’s Executive President, alongside our board members headed by Dr. Mostafa el Sayed, Chairman of Zewail City, and Dr. Magdi Yacoub, founder of Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation and one of ZC's board members.
Dr. Deema Faham the wife of the late Dr. Zewail was also attending Dr. Zewail’s dream coming true! 
Thank you Dr. Zewail!!!
God Bless you our graduates!
You will be missed!