Zewail City invents and manufactures insulation cabin sponsored by Allianz Egypt to be dedicated to some Hospitals

Zewail City and Allianz Egypt have delivered insulation cabins to many hospitals in several governorates. The insulation cabins have been invented and manufactured by Zewail City and have been distributed to more than 10 hospitals in the context of confronting the repercussions of the Coronavirus and supporting Egypt's White Army of the doctors and nurses who take great responsibility in fighting the pandemic.





















12 cabins were delivered to each of Al-Hussein University Hospitals and Al-Zahraa University, Al-Azhar University, Imbaba General Hospital, Nasser Institute, Al-Abbasiya fever Hospital, Beni Suef General Hospital and Al-Qasr Al-Aini Teaching Hospital. More cabins are being handed over to Hawamdia Hospital, Al-Warraq and Umm Al-Masryin hospitals.

























Dr. Mahmoud Abdrabou, Acting Executive President of Zewail City and Dean of Strategic Affairs, expressed his happiness with the delivery of the insulation cabins, pointing out that the speed and accuracy with which the medical insulation cabins were implemented and produced which is the result of the application of the scientific approach that Zewail City is committed to in the field of scientific research. Abdrabou indicated that the cabins have already been designed and implemented by specialists, engineers and technicians from Zewail City, to ensure the maintenance of its operation with the highest efficiency.


In a related context, Dr. Abdrabou explained that this cooperation will produce many positive outcomes that we will soon witness on the ground, such as implementing and producing the first Egyptian ventilator, which will be allocated to advanced cases of patients with respiratory diseases caused by the Coronavirus.


The provision of insulation cabins to hospitals will act as a new barrier that provides protection and security for the "White Egypt Army" to face any potential repercussions, especially that these cabins, which were produced under the auspices of Allianz, designed and implemented by the city of Zewail, are not only designed for the Corona epidemic, but for any health circumstances or medical emergency because its design allows medical teams to fully carry out their work of examining, caring and taking samples, without direct contact with patients.