Zewail City participates in BioVision Alexandria 2014

Zewail City delegation to BVA 2014

Zewail City delegation to BVA 2014

One of Zewail City’s main goals is to contribute to building a knowledge-based society founded on creative thinking by providing a merit-based education and engaging with the public-at-large.

From this position, a delegation from Zewail City is participating from April 7 to 9 in BioVision Alexandria 2014, the largest international conference to take place in Alexandria, Egypt. The delegation includes Dr. Sameh Ali, director of the Center for Aging and Associated Diseases, Dr. Ayman El-Shibiny, associate professor of biology at the University of Science and Technology, Dr. Fareed Aboul-ela, associate professor of physics at the University of Science and Technology, and a group of research and teaching assistants.

Dr. Sameh Ali will give a talk, titled Unraveling Roles of Mitochondria in Health, Diseases and Aging: A New Taskforce in Egypt, in which he will shed light on the importance of mitochondria in health-related issues that concern the Egyptian population, such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

During his lecture, Ali will describe the facilities and structure of the newly established CAAD, as well as share some of the results of metabolic studies in liver cancer conducted at the center.

Dr. Ayman El-Shibiny will give a talk, titled Bacteriophage as Antimicrobials, A Hopeful Future for Human Health, during a plenary session on phage therapy. The talk will highlight the importance of bacteriophage therapy as an alternative to antibiotics in the treatment of bacterial pathogens.

El-Shibiny also played a role in BAV2014 as a reviewer for scholarships and grants to attend the conference.

BioVision Alexandria is an important gathering that brings together distinguished speakers and Nobel laureates from the four corners of the globe through rich discussions that commemorate science and the finest achievements of the human intellect. It includes representatives of the greatest minds in the realms of industry, science, policy-making, media and civil society.