Zewail City Researcher Provides Possible Answer on Black Holes' fate

Dr. Ahmed Farag Ali

Dr. Ahmed Farag Ali

A new study published in Physical Review D led by Dr. Ahmed Farag Ali, assistant professor at the Center for Fundamental Physics, has been highlighted by Nature Middle East (NME).

In the study titled Black Hole Remnant from Gravity's Rainbow, Ali sheds light on a probable scenario for the fate of black holes after they vanish.

Nature Middle East reported, “In rainbow models, Ali discovered, the black hole’s temperature reaches a peak when the black hole has shrunk down to a certain small size. After that, the black hole’s mass will decrease slightly more, but its temperature rapidly drops, until it reaches absolute zero. At this point, the black hole stops radiating, leaving behind a tiny 'black hole remnant,' says Ali. 'There is no longer a mystery about what happens to the information – it stays in this remnant forever.'"

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