Safety Supervisor

Safety Supervisor

November 14, 2018

1.  General Responsibilities

Providing administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective and efficient operations.

2.  Duties

  1. Inspect laboratories to ensure compliance with lab safety guidelines and be able to code the lab based on the associated hazard.

  2. Review onsite chemicals, approve them and add them in the site database. Evaluate the associated hazard and ensure proper handling and storage of the chemicals.

  3. Define work related occupational hazard and needed occupational health including preventive measures like vaccination and annual monitoring programs.

  4. Inspect buildings to locate hazardous conditions and fire code violations such as accumulations of combustible material, electrical wiring problems, and inadequate or non-functional fire exits.

  5. Conduct fire code compliance follow-ups to ensure that corrective actions have been taken in cases where violations were found.

  6. Inspect properties that store, handle, and use hazardous materials to ensure compliance with laws, codes, and regulations

  7. Review fire exit plans (evacuation plans).

  8. Order suspension of activities that pose threats to workers health or safety

  9. Conduct inspections and acceptance testing of newly installed fire protection systems.

  10. Present and explain fire code requirements and fire prevention information to employees, contractors, engineers, fire service personnel, and the public.

  11. Inspect and test fire protection or fire detection systems to verify that such systems are installed in accordance with appropriate laws, codes, ordinances, regulations, and standards

  12. Provide new-employee health and safety orientations and develop materials for these presentations.

  13. Investigate health-related complaints and inspect facilities to ensure that they comply with public health legislation and regulations.

  14. Develop or maintain hygiene programs, such as kitchen inspection, noise surveys, continuous atmosphere monitoring, and ventilation surveys. Investigate the adequacy of ventilation, exhaust equipment, lighting, or other conditions that could affect employee health, comfort, or performance

  15. Investigate accidents to identify causes or to determine how such accidents might be prevented in the future

  16. Write detailed reports of fire inspections performed, fire code violations observed, and corrective recommendations offered.

  17. Identify corrective actions necessary to bring properties into compliance with applicable fire codes, laws, regulations, and standards, and explain these measures to employees.


3.  Minimum Requirements


  1. Public Safety and Security Environmental health and safety specialist certificate. Firefighting skills, training skills.

  2. Science/ engineering background with full knowledge about chemicals and lab safety.

  3. Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies to promote effective local, state, or national security operations for the protection of people, data, property, and institutions. Clerical

    4. Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as word processing, managing files           and records, stenography and transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology

    5. Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.


4.  Approval and signatory levels

Are in accordance with the Zewail City Delegation of Authority Chart.


To apply: please send your updated CV with job title in subject to